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Julia H.

"Sandy gave me the most awesome massage last night. Have had major problems with my shoulder. By time Sandy was finished with me I felt like a million bucks. For the first time in almost a year I was actually able to lift my arm above my head and put my arm behind my back. I have torn tendons that had atrophy and she worked on me and stretched them out. I have so much more movement and no pain. I have already made another appointment. I had no idea this was possible. Looking forward to my next appointment. She is a miracle worker. Thank you Sandy Xaysouk!!"



Joann G.

"Sandy is the absolute BEST...I've had massages all around the country and even outside of the U.S. and she's still number one!!!"


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"Sandy is AMAZING!!! She will get right to the issue & really work it out. I feel great. Thank you" 


Square Customer Feedback

Timeliness, Offerings, Other, Quality, Customer Service

"Sandy is (was) very attentive as always and worked on my trouble spots with extra time and care. She also took the time to show me how to improve my overall wellbeing."


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Carol L.

"Sandy is not only a professional and expert at what she does, she cares about the whole person and each client's health. She is highly educated in her trade, in fact, frequently travels across the country to study multiple massage methods. She then integrates unique therapy techniques to resolve individual concerns. She is generous with her time so that she ensures that I not only leave relaxed, but also feeling much better than when I arrived."


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Liang W. 

"I came here on a recommendation after I severely sprained my ankle and it swelled up to the size of my fist. After just a single sessions my ankle ended up feeling sooo much better. In addition she came up with some stretches to help get the mobility and flexibility back in my ankles. Highly professional and highly knowledgeable about her profession."


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David D.

"Being a former D1 gymnast, my body has started falling apart on me. Sandy's knowledge of the body and how everything works together is beyond impressive. My joints and muscles thank her for all she has done!"


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Bob L.

"Sandy is the best massage therapist out there....hands down. I've been seeing her for years. She takes her education seriously and is very knowledgeable about how best to help clients. Once you see her, you won't want to go anywhere else."

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